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Rami Eid

DOB: 17/02/88
Born: Manama, Bahrain
Nicknames: Ramos, Ramsey, Eid
Height: 177 cm
Life Achievements: Spontaneous decision to leave all behind and move overseas. 
Occupation: Rock-Doc
Favourite Position: Half back/Half forward
AFL Club Allegiance: The Mighty Adelaide Crows!
Other Hobbies: Travelling, Tennis, Soccer, Five-side, sports in general.. 
Favourite AFL Player: Andrew McLeod, Patrick Dangerfield
Your Best Pickup Line: I'm a geologist, I'll make your bed rock...
I'm Told I Look Like: A 'suspicious' Arab if you ask airport security..
Favourite Quote/Saying: Cheers. She'll be right. mate! Go the Crows!

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