Match Results


9/4 Haggis Cup (Glasgow)                                Huddersfield Rams - WON - 42 - 19 

                                                                                  Solna Axemen - WON - 47 - 8

                                                                                  Dublin Demons - WON - 54 - 7

                                                                                  Glasgow Sharks - LOST - 21 - 27


16/4                                                                         SHARKS (home) - WON - 98 - 27

21/5                                                                         DINGOES (home) - WON - 159 - 16

4/6                                                                           SHARKS (away)- WON - 85 - 62

2/7                                                                           DINGOES (away) WON - 151 - 67

30/7                                                                         SHARKS (home) WON - 114 - 32

13/8                                                                         DINGOES (away) WON - 157 - 43

17/9 Grand Final                                                 SHARKS (home) WON - 130 - 15 (CHAMPIONS)

Match Reports

16/4 SHARKS (HOME) Won 98-27


On a sunny but blustery day it was the Sharks that drew first blood in this contest, taking a three goal lead kicking with the wind. This proved to be a wake up call for the Bloods and Travis Marshall pegged a goal back before the quarter time hooter. The Bloods then had the wind advantage but fell further behind when the Sharks hero from the Haggis Cup, Adam Jack, slotted from just inside the scoring zone. This however marked the end of the scoring for the Sharks who lost Jack to a dead leg and with his injury went their attacking momentum. Another injury to defender Andy Butler didn't help the Sharks cause and the Bloods capitalised by piling on the points. By half-time the score was 42-27 and the Bloods were fully expecting the Sharks to come back at them given the effect the wind had on the first two quarters but the third quarter proved to be the turning point. It was probably the best quarter the Bloods have played since the famous comeback in the fourth quarter against the Dingoes in the 2009 Grand Final. Slick hand passing and accurate kicks were married with hard tackes, great shepards and tireless running and it proved to be an unstoppable combination. Shane Faulkner grabbed a double in this quarter, his pace in behind the Sharks defence causing all manner of problems. In the final quater the massacre continued with Shandon Harris-Hogan getting a double and a first goal for Damien Aubrey in his first ever game of Aussie Rules which is quite an achievement. The Bloods even managed to keep the scoreboard ticking over when they were down to eight men when they lost Todd Costello to a five minute sin-bin for the Bloods team repeatedly running into the umpire. A great start to the SARFL season for the defending Scottish Champions.


Bloods 14.14.98 Sharks 4.3.27


Goals - Travis Marshall 2, Kayne Sheehan 2, Shane Faulkner 2, Shandon Harris-Hogan 2, Todd Costello, Cillian Strich, Brendan Fleming, Morgan Holcombe, Alan McSparron, Damien Aubrey

Best Players- Todd Costello, Tom Exton, Adrian Vahey


21/5 DINGOES (HOME) Won 159-16


We were blessed with another dry day for a SARFL fixture but there was the best part of a westerly gale blowing straight down the park at Duddingston that could make the average kick look like a belter and a huge clearance come back and run past the kicker. In fairness to both teams the wind didn't have as much an influence as most would have predicted with a fair amount of hand-balls and low kicks which made for some great attacking moves. The Bloods were missing a few regulars due to illness, injury and holidays as well as the usual few Aussies and Irishmen who have headed to pastures new. It meant that there was a fresh look to the team and the Bloods welcomed back youngsters Tom Exton and Gubby McIntosh who had been rested against the Sharks in preparation for their inclusion in the European Legion team. Tom started at the back and was constantly showing the skills that has seen him picked for a World Select team that is heading to play in Australia this summer. It didn't take the Bloods long to get into the lead thanks to goals from Adrian Vahey and Travis Marshall who both went on to score 3 goals. The Bloods midfield was very strong and Cillian Stritch was covering every inch of the pitch and grabbed a goal in the first quarter . Dean Roberts showed his class by grabbing 3 goals and 3 behinds and his vision and ability to bring others into play was a joy to watch. At the back Todd Costello was taking no prisoners with some big hits and lengthy clearances. In the second quarter the Bloods managed to match their first quarter total into the wind with youngster Andrew Presly scoring his first of 4 goals which is mighty impressive for his forst game of the season. The game was pretty much won by half time but the Bloods carried on scoring at will, changing a few positions to allow coach Alan McSparron to use himself sparingly and check the form of some players who have yet to guarantee starting slots. Shandon Hogan did his chances no harm by grabbing a goal and Damien Aubrey grabbed 2 goals in only his second ever game and he also deputised well at the back when Costello was unleashed into midfield where he grabbed 3 goals and 3 behinds. All in all a convincing performance by the Bloods. Next up, Sharks away.


Bloods 23.21.159 Dingoes 2.4.16


Goals - Andrew Presly 4, Todd Costello 3, Travis Marshall 3, Dean Roberts 3, Adrian Vahey 3, Damien Aubrey 2, Tom Exton, Kayne Sheehan, Shandon Hogan, Cillian Stritch, Damien Mortensen

Best Players- Travis Marshall, Todd Costello, Scott Savage


4/6 SHARKS (AWAY) WON 85-62


After coming off two good wins in the first two games, the Bloods came out very slow with Glasgow playing good footy. Glasgow kept the Bloods goalless in the first quarter, which was the first time bloods were goalless in any quarter for a long time. Glasgow up 3.3 to 0.2 at the break. The Bloods finally got on the board in the 2nd term with 2 goals, but Glasgow gained a bigger lead by kicking 4 themselves. Half time Bloods 2.4 Sharks 7.5. The Bloods had a lot of work to do to get back in the game. It wasn't helped when Glasgow kicked the first 2 of the 3rd to have the Bloods down by 43 points early in the term. Finally the Bloods started to get going, with Kayne Sheehan and Todd Costello getting things moving. The Bloods kicked the last 4 of the 3rd to put themselves back in touch. Adam Hull did a good job in the ruck and also on Sharks forward Adam Jack to leave it at the end of the 3rd - Bloods 6.8 Sharks 9.7. With the game on the line the Bloods stood up kicking 6 unanswered goals in the last to end up with a great win. All pulled together when needed.


Goals- Johnny McGill 3, Kayne Sheehan 2, Angus McIntosh2, Travis Marshall, Tom Exton, Andrew Presley, Todd Costello, Cillian Strich

Best Players- Kayne Sheehan, Adam Hull, Todd Costello


2/7 DINGOES (WON) 151-67


Goals- Johnny McGill 6, Brendan Fleming 5, Ryan Petherick 4, Todd Costello 3, James Keogh 2, Alan McSparron 2, Angus McIntosh, Shandon Harris-Hogan

Best Players- Johnny McGill, Brendan Fleming, Adrian Vahey


30/7 SHARKS (WON) 114-32


Goals- Johnny McGill 8, Todd Costello 3, Travis Marshall 2, Angus McIntosh 2, Damien Mortensen, Colm Sweeney, Brian Foley.

Best Players- Travis Marshall, Johnny McGill, Toad Costello


13/8 DINGOES (WON) 157-43


Goals- Brendan Fleming 5, Ryan Petherick 3, Alan McSparron 3, Dean Roberts 2, Shane Faulkner 2, Todd Costello 2, Cillion Stritch, Adam Hull, Angus McIntosh, Tom Exton, Luke Edmunds

Best Players- Angus McIntosh, Brendan Fleming, Dean Roberts


17/9 SHARKS (WON) 130 - 15


Goals - McGill (3 goals), Petherick (3), Roberts (3), Costello (2), Fleming (2), Marshall (2), Hull (1),Keogh (1), McSparron (1), Mortensen (1), Vahey (1)

Best Players - Team Effort

Best On Ground (BOG) - Cillian Stritch (Killer)

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