Season 2014

Round 6 v Glasgow

August 2 2014

Final round for the season and the determinant of who would face the ever-improving Roos in th semi final the following week. In sopping conditions the skills for both teams were put to the test. Once again, the physical nature of the game took its toll with a number of minor injuries the result of some courageous play from both sides. The Bloods managing to grind out another tough win at home in the lovely township of Linlithgow (thanks to El Presidente, Craig Stevens).


Edinburgh 67

Glasgow 53

Round 5 v Glasgow

July 12 2014

Round 5 and the Bloods took on the Sharks at their home ground in Glasgow. A physically tough game played out and it was neck and neck for the full four quarters. Great to see a number of first timers for The Bloods put their bodies on the line for the team. A hard fought victory and well deserved win.


Edinburgh 98

Glasgow 68

Round 2 v Fife

May 25 2014

Round Two saw the Roos hopping over the water to play the Bloods  at the Peffermill Playing fields. After a hard fought game and tough score line in round one, the Roos showed that they are a capable team and are improving by leaps and bounds with every match.  The Bloods were able to come out with the win in the end with the score line finishing


Edinburgh 20.15.135

Fife 6.10.46

Revised Fixtures 2014

April 28 2014


Following the withdrawal of the Aberdeen Eagles from the 2014 SARFL the revised fixtures look like this.


26th April – Roos v Bloods (Kirkcaldy)

24th May – Bloods v Roos (Edinburgh)

7th June – Sharks v Roos (Glasgow)

28th June – Roos v Sharks (Kirkcaldy)

12th July – Sharks v Bloods (Glasgow)

2nd August – Bloods v Sharks (Edinburgh)

9th August – Semi Final

23rd August – Grand Final

Round 1 v Fife

April 27 2014

Edinburgh Bloods paid a visit to Fife in the first 2014 SARFL game. The Bloods and the Roos had a minutes silence before the start of the game.A partnership with Kirkcaldy Rugby Club has allowed the Roos to secure a home ground in Kirkcaldy.


The game commenced just after 1301 on the 26th April and ended with a score line of


Fife 2.5.17

Edinburgh 25.22.172

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